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Stereotype Threat

Being at risk of confirming, as self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about one’s group.

What is Stereotype Threat?

Stereotype threat is the fear that arises when people become concerned that their behavior might confirm negative stereotypes held about their group. was created as a resource for people interested in the phenomenon of stereotype threat.


Explore this site to learn more about research on stereotype threat and strategies for reducing its negative effects in schools, organizations, and even one’s home.

“Disproving a stereotype is a Sisyphean task; something you have to do over and over again as long as you are in the domain where the stereotype applies.”

- Claude Steele


This site provides summaries of research on stereotype threat and offers research-based suggestions to reduce the negative consequences of stereotyping, particularly in academic settings. Unresolved issues and controversies in the research literature are also discussed.

We thank Barnard College, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Consortium of High Achievement and Success (CHAS) for their support of this project.

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