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What is Stereotype Threat? What are the consequences of stereotype threat? Who is vulnerable to stereotype threat? What are the situations that lead to stereotype threat?
What are the mechanisms behind stereotype threat? What can be done to reduce stereotype threat? What are the criticisms of stereotype threat? What are the unresolved issues about stereotype threat? was created by
two social psychologists as a resource for faculty, teachers, students, and the general public interested in the phenomenon of stereotype threat. This website offers summaries of research on stereotype threat and discusses unresolved issues and controversies in the research literature. Included are some research-based suggestions for reducing the negative consequences of stereotyping, particularly in academic settings.

Research is always progressing, adding complexity and nuance. Although we will try to reflect new developments in research on this topic, we encourage people not to view this site as the authoritative or exhaustive treatment of this issue. 

We thank the Consortium of High Achievement and Success (CHAS) and Barnard College for their generous support of this project.